New Greenpois0n RC7 - iOS 5.1 Untethered !!!


New Greenpois0n RC7 Untethered -  Version Beta 
( Update 20 November 2011 ) 

  iPhone 4 - 4S - 3G - 3GS,  iPod Touch 4G - 3G - 2G, iPad 2

  iOS 5.1


Type Jailbreak
With Greenpois0n users can perform a jailbreak on your device type untethered. This means you will not need to reconnect the device each time you restart the computer to avoid losing your personal data and, consequently, also the jailbreak itself.

1. First download Greenpois0n:

Windows & MAC - DOWNLOAD 

2. Once the download is complete, move the archive . zip and unzip it on your desk.
3. Inside the folder find the file . exe of Greenpois0n, open file
4. Open the program, click on the 'Prepare to Jailbreak (DFU)'.

5. Greenpois0n will be shown in the instructions to put the device in DFU Mode (Press the Power button for two seconds, press Home + Power for 10 seconds, release the Power button and keep pressing Home).

6. If you have performed these steps correctly, your device will now be entered into DFU mode and then ready for the jailbreak.
7. From here on, the whole process will be automatic. The success of the operation will be confirmed directly by Greenpois0n.
For those of you who don’t know, GreenPois0n is based on a low-level bootrom exploit which Apple won't be able to patch with a new iOS firmware; instead, they will have to introduce a new hardware for the current devices to close the lopphole. That means all existing 4th-generation devices now can be jailbroken forever thanks to GreenPois0n! We will be back with quick how-to guides soon, stay tuned for that !!

This release of greenpois0n supports:

- iPhone 4
- iPhone 4S
 - iPhone 3G S
- iPod touch (4th Generation)
- iPod touch (3rd Generation)
- iPad 2

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